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Outstanding Cabinet Refinishing in Orange County CA


Kitchen Remodeling

If you are not satisfied with your kitchen's current appearance or design, it is time to consider a kitchen remodel. This is your chance to make the home of your dreams a reality. Quality kitchen cabinets can make a huge impact on the overall feel and functionality of your home. Let us help you create cabinets that reflect your unique style.

Custom cabinets will only ever add beauty and value to your home. When deciding on your kitchen layout, we will help you decide on a design that enhances your space. No one knows better than you what you want out of your kitchen. We listen carefully to our clients to be sure that our cabinetry is exactly what you want.

Cabinet Finishing

As kitchen cabinets age, their quality tends to degrade. This can be particularly evident on the surfaces. Woodworking that was once polished to a fine shine becomes dull; dirt gets ingrained into the material, making it look blotchy and messy. JLT Kitchen Refinishing offers cabinet furniture refinishing that is great for when this happens.

Kitchen refinishing is a specialized form of cabinet repair that focuses on applying a new layer of finish to existing wood. This gives it the healthy glow associated with new wood furniture, and will get rid of any dirt or evenness. In some cases, you can get cabinet finishing that will give wood a rustic or vintage appearance while still keeping it clean. This can give your kitchen a great antique look, which might be a good fit for your home’s style. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen at a low cost, we also offer cabinet refacing to give your kitchen or bathroom a newly remodeled look. Whatever finishing assistance your cabinets require, count on JLT Kitchen Refinishing to deliver exceptional services.

You can learn more about kitchen cabinet restoration by contacting our cabinet maker in Anaheim, CA.

Cabinet Refacing

Custom cabinets have a large impact on the style and function of your home. Customizing your cabinetry, adding bookshelves or designing a vanity for your bathroom, is a simple way to ensure that your home is beautiful and unique.

When you have invested in a home, you want to preserve and add value to your property. Whether for a new home or kitchen remodeling, custom-made cabinets will only ever enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. An expert cabinet maker from JLT Kitchen Refinishing will not only take into account your style and tastes, but also will design specifically for the layout of your home.